Taverns in Bansko under their own brand



Bansko tavern keepers materialize long-standing dream to create an association in which members of all pubs owned and managed by Bansko citizens. So already created an association of 12 local taverns, all members of the Union of tourism Bansko. Eager to establish themselves as bearers of culinary tradition and to contribute to the development of Bansko as a preferred tourist destination, they already have their own trademark and sign - "Unique Bansko."


The brand will work to establish uniform standards for nutrition in their establishments. At the same time, each of these pubs will present typical Bansko dishes, refracted through the tradition in their families.


About Bansko

Bansko is a town in southwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Blagoevgrad Region, near Razlog is the administrative center of Bansko Municipality. In the XIX century was the center of the Bulgarian Pirin Macedonia in a territory bordering the Greek and Turkish populations. Bansko is the birthplace of Bulgarian folk Leaders Neophyte Rilski, Paisii Hilendarski and the poet Nikola Vaptsarov. Today the city is a popular winter resort