Kasapinova mehana

Kasapinova mehana   is one of the taverns, members of Unique Bansko!

Kasapinova mehana

Kasapinova Mehana, opens back in the far 1712, as a local inn. Food and shelter over the years have found a number of rebels and revolutionaries. It was the place where the first committee of VMRO took place.


Kasapinova Mehana gets its name from the family Kasapinovi. Along with the development of the tourism in the Pirin town, the mehana is growing and emproving - gain great popularity among Bulgarians and foreigners. Currently, the mehana has nearly 200 seats - divided in 3 halls. The main part, winery and fish hall, each has a fireplace. In Kasapinova Mehana you can try delicious roasted meat - roasted pig, rabbit or lamb cooked in the oldest furnace in Bansko. Bansko specialties such as Kapama, chumlek and pork shank are not to be missed. In the winery you will be pleasantly surprised by the huge number of wines - over 3000. For your good mood will take care the group Banski Merak. On certain days we will entertain you with folklore program, presented by Ludi Mladi.

PHONE NUMBER: 359899948494

EMAIL: unique_bansko@abv.bg

ADDRESS: Ulitsa Yane Sandanski 4, 2770 Bansko, Bulgaria

WEBSITE: http://www.kasapinova-mehana.com


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