Dedo Pene

Dedo Pene   is one of the taverns, members of Unique Bansko!

Dedo Pene

House Dedo Pene is situated near the town square in the centre of Bansko, right next to Sveta Troitsa church yard. With its thoroughly preserved authentic style of olden times and rich history dating back from 1820, nowadays the house offers an array of meals and a shelter in a cosy, folk-style atmosphere.


Welcome to Dedo Pene Inn! Tucked away in a quiet street at the very heart of the Historic Town…Just a few minutes’ walk from Pirin Main Street…Our quaint early-nineteenth century home is perfectly located for an immensely enjoyable holiday. Our restaurant has grown into one of the symbols of Bansko and is a drawing point for all who appreciate good food relished in an atmosphere of bonhomie. The built in 1820 house was originally the residence of Nikola Pumpalov, an innkeeper and trader from Bansko, his wife and children. In the past, the outhouse used to be an inn (kruchma). It was named after the firstborn of the young family, Peter (Pene in Bansko dialect), and the name stays to this day. The Inn is the ideal place for holiday celebrations – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and name-days, as well as New Year’s Eves. Work all-year- round from Monday to Sunday. The tavern has a total of 130 seats - 70 seats indoor and 60 seats outdoor. Dedo Pene Inn stands at the center of the Old Town, right next to Sveta Troitsa church. If you're standing in Vazrazhdane Square and face the drinking fountain in front of the church, take the street to the left (Aleksandar Buynov Str.) and walk past the church fence. Dedo Pene is 30 feet away, the second house on the left.

PHONE NUMBER: +359 (0)888 79 59 70


ADDRESS: 1 Aleksandyr Buynov Street, 2770 Bansko, Bulgaria



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